Audi A7 2012 Rear Spoiler

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Audi A7 2012 Rear Spoiler

Postby STC » Thu Aug 17, 2017 10:38 pm

Here we have a Rear / Boot lid Electric Spoiler not working throwing a END Stop Hall Sensor Fault.

The function description is that this has 2 hall sensors. One for motor rotation/ position and the other for End Stops.

And now it is fixed

What we cannot see is Channel E with Motor current (which would speak Volumes) to make sense of the whole thing !!! Is it going up, down or round and round and not moving !!! ???

Without being able to see what the motor is actually doing I might as well have drawn the captures above with crayons on the pavement!

When we are into "Pitbull" diagnostics "E" is what we need to speak those volumes to us !
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