Nissan Qashqai SRS diagnose

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Re: Nissan Qashqai SRS diagnose

Post by vasek » Tue Aug 15, 2017 11:09 am

victor2k wrote:How can be at the same time open and shorted?
It is easy to explain.
Each element of the SRS is secure with transport safety jumper.
In the transport position, the jumper is short-circuited.

When the connector is inserted ,this jumper is opened.
If the connector is inserted loosely - scanner shows an error associated with the short circuit.
If there is an open in the spiral contact , wiring or module ,
- the scanner displays an error associated with the circuit open.

In some cases these jumpers are located on the ECU.
Then they open when you insert the connector in the ECU.
safety jumper.JPG
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Re: Nissan Qashqai SRS diagnose

Post by STC » Tue Aug 15, 2017 1:34 pm

Those jumpers, as I Vasek's photo can be seen in the Aibags and also in the connectors at the Module and any connectors in between. They are there specifically to divert / stop any current or voltage reaching the detonator.

With them in place it should be difficult to detonate it and also make you go through the conscious decision to remove them to put a test instrument on the pins. If you are feeling brave then a cable tie or similar piece of plastic can be inserted to remove the short/bridge and BANG !!!

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