Subaru Forester abnormal data

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Subaru Forester abnormal data

Postby victor2k » Fri Aug 04, 2017 6:50 pm

On a Subaru Forester petrol JF1SH5LP5XG044088 with high consumption and irregular idle I see only 32 fault code(lambda sonde not working or faulty) with x431 and ESI .
On secondary voltage I didn't see nothing abnormal(capture wasn't saved because of scope disconnection...),using FirstLook sensor connected to the pressure regulator I see a strange pressure variation in rail.
On the captured signal you can see the secondary ignition of cyl 1,FirstLook variation of rail pressure and the intake manifold pressure captured from map sensor.
On 2 cylinders you can see a small variation of pressure...this is normal(atenuator factor must be applied for 2/4cyl)?
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