Fiesta 2003 1.3 Misfire on Cyl#1

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Re: Fiesta 2003 1.3 Misfire on Cyl#1

Postby FioranoCars » Wed Aug 02, 2017 12:38 am

Coil plugs and leads were ordered, but leads not fitted, did not stay to see plugs or reset thereafter. Plugs had been out and none with obvious visual issue but means nought in reality, but your points made are valid.

Not Mr Martin, sorry!

Not the SLC, well the research was due to that, but all captures here are Fiesta, keeping the thread on track, or trying! Going to use a leaf from Steve Smiths E type case study and deploy a couple of amp clamps, for the SLC that is ....

Sadly no chance of further data on the fiesta, PIDs would have been good, lambda etc, but still interested if anyone has theory on the extra energy/imbalance if the plugs and leads were nominally OK?

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