prop shaft balancing weights

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prop shaft balancing weights

Post by shawncd1 » Thu Apr 27, 2017 4:35 am

Hi, Balanced my first prop shaft today using the 2 hose clamps. Curious if we just leave the hose clamps or is there a way to use a more professional permanent welded on weight in the end? I tried to use some cut wheel weights with a temporary clamp and where I thought I should put the weight according to the screen didnt work out. I will say the hose clamp method did work well, but I would like to weld on something more professional and permanent. I assume Im missing something or were supposed to be happy with hose clamps. I used a scale and cut the stick on wheel weight to the correct screen weight taking into account the 14g hose clamp worm drive that I cut from a full clamp and scaled. Please help.

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Re: prop shaft balancing weights

Post by STC » Thu Apr 27, 2017 9:35 pm

but I would like to weld on something more professional and permanent
There was a post on this forum not so long ago where welding a weight to the prop damaged the rubber bonding within it and made it worse.

Stick on weights are great on alloy wheels as the centrifugal forces will hold them in place, exactly the opposite effect on the outer face of a propshaft.

Drill tap and then Bolt the weight in place would have some merit ?

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