Feature Request - Rotation Rulers / Partitions

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Feature Request - Rotation Rulers / Partitions

Post by STC » Thu Apr 13, 2017 7:09 pm

I believe that there has been a previous request for more than 10 Partitions.

I'm not talking a small increase, 12 0r 16 for the number of cylinders that are in cars now. I would like to see at least the number equal to the number of teeth on a Camshaft Sprocket.

That would be great help when trying to identify the difference between a mistimed engine, jumped belt / chain and a stretched chain.

Of course I realise this can be achieved already with the "Little White Square" Rulers and some long division. But it is time consuming and will make little sense when printed and presented to a customer as Solid Evidence that His Several Hundred Pounds, or more will be well spent and not wasted.

Now I am pushing my luck !!! If we could get an On Screen Animation of a Good See Thru Engine and the another 2 showing the effects of an engine with Advanced and Retarded timing.

I'm thinking, again with little evidence (Guessing) that Pico's OEM market would make good use of that feature too. They have the resource to blow it on to a 40 inch screen and hammer home the Correct sale.

Those chaps are (again guessing) under more time pressure and scrutiny than I am.

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