ford ranger 2007 2.5tdci

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ford ranger 2007 2.5tdci

Post by Dcunning35 » Wed Dec 21, 2016 8:58 pm

I just thought I would share my experiences with this one.
The vehicle in question is a ford ranger pickup 2007 ,2.5tdci equipped with Bosch common rail . I've seen plenty of these over the years and they are bombproof other than vac lines and basic stuff.
The vehicle came from another garage to a diesel specialist to me a sort of poor pass the parcel!!!.
Symptom was bucking and jerking violently when driving with no eml or dtc,s .parts replaced so far as fired from the parts cannon , hp pump,full set injectors,rail sensor, a session on the terraclean, not a great idea at 140k.
A quick serial evaluation showed tremendous spikes in load value ,this was backed up by vss signal spiking in same manner.
I thought I'm all over this Big mistake,firstly I checks the vss signal to pcm with meter for loss of isolation all good. Pin grips good etc .
Scoped signal line great big spikes ,decided to exchange vss and re evaluate still same , I checked pcm powers grounds reference lines ,signal returns all good no interference. I ran a sheilded loom away from everything electrical still same .
I sat I thought and I thought more. Looking up at the centre console I spyed a brand new parrot hands free still with film over the screen!!
I remember the adaptive audio volume has its own vss signal from ipc but this is sent hardwired from pcm so basically is all one circuit.
Removing the audio unit shows a rats nest of loom wrapped around the lovely shaft dash beam . Removing the adaptor lead and the vehicle drove spot on . Its worth mentioning the speedo needle never flinched even when spiked ,maybee too slow to react ?
All good fun ,

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Re: ford ranger 2007 2.5tdci

Post by STC » Thu Dec 22, 2016 1:38 pm

Good Catch Hawkeye :D
I sat I thought and I thought more.
Story of our lives !! :D :D

On a serious note
parts replaced so far as fired from the parts cannon , hp pump, full set injectors, rail sensor, a session on the terraclean
Who gets to swallow the bill for that lot - £15 -1800 I'm guessing.
The man who fitted the Parrot cannot be held accountable for the misdiagnosis from the previous repairer who threw the bits at it.

Although there is an argument that says he should cover your bill for putting right what he got wrong.

The irony is that the owner will foot the bill for the lot and then get 3 points and a £60 fine for being on the phone as he drives home.

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