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Steve Smith
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Links to useful information

Post by Steve Smith » Fri Nov 04, 2016 2:06 pm

One of the challenges we all face is "where to go to find the information we need?"

There is simply no way we can retain all the information we digest and so I guess the trick is to File and Recall the information we require when we need it.

Often when training or presenting Pico material delegates and customers ask...
"Where can I find more information about....?"

I always refer them to the website but I can never remember exactly where on the website given the volume of topics and subjects.

I have therefore compiled a number of links that I have posted below and intend to update periodically.

If you have seen other links on the Pico forum/website that have helped you understand a particular subject, then please add them here.

We are a team and all in this together

Take care......Steve

Website and Forum links

Welcome to PicoScope 7 here

Welcome to PicoScope 6.14.20 Supporting 4x25A (Opening 4x25A files with PS6) here

PicoScope Step 1 Guide

Scope School Part 1 (Voltage-Time-Trigger-Probe-Auto Capture-Home-Guided Tests)

Scope School Part 2 (Signal and Time Rulers-Zooming-Custom Start up Settings-Saving and Mailing)

Scope School Part 3 (Coupling-Buffers-Reference Waveforms-Scaling-Alarms- Measurements-Notes-Channel labels-Rotation Rulers and the Waveform Library)

Scope School Extra (Maths-Voltage Drop-Custom Probes-Filtering-Attenuation-Connect Detect)

PicoScope on line User Guide

8 Channel PicoScope 4823 Pros & Cons
More information

PicoScope, Why all the noise?

Pressure School Part 1 (Introduction to WPS500 in-cylinder measurements-Cranking)

Pressure School Part 2 (WPS500 in-cylinder measurements-Engine running)

WPS pressure testing of cooling systems

WPS In cylinder Testing, TDC, Volumetric Efficiency and exhaust back pressure

PicoScope Automotive Top Tips (Inc. Multiple Math channel article and Frequency coupling )

Pico Waveform Library description and operation

Graphing resistance with PicoScope

Heater Blower Motor Current v Blower Motor Speed

CAN Bus Diagnostics and Serial decoding video

Triggering on CAN using MASKS

CAN decoding in colour

CAN Voltage thresholds and crossing points

CAN Phase Shift with Deep Measure (Inter-Channel timing)

CAN Decoding: Limitations of PicoScope

CAN Hi Shorted to CAN Lo

CAN Decoding into human readable data

Identifying CAN Nodes/Controllers/ECU's via CAN ID

Active Termination of Networks (CAN Inc.)

FlexRay Decoding and Termination

SENT Protocol decoding into human readable data

Crank math channel

Maths is cool, math channel applications

RMS Calculation and profiling of AC Signals inc. 3 Phase AC current

RMS and Average profiling/graphing of DC PWM

Cam/Crank Correlation measurement technique

Calculating Theoretical MAF (Normally aspirated engines)

Calculating theoretical MAF (Turbocharged engines)

Negative Duty Cycle Maths Channel creation

Negative Duty Cycle Maths Import

Frequency and Duty math channel application

Filtering in PicoScope

Graphing, Filtering and hiding Channels

PicoScope Deep Measure

PicoScope Floating inputs

Parasitic drain measurement (Current clamp method)

Parasitic Drain resister V-Drop method

Logging battery voltage with PicoLog 6

Parasitic drain measurements across a vehicle ground lead

Converting ABS speed signals to road speed

ABS Pump Motor Self-Test

Calculating Dwell Angle

Bosch 4.2 Broadband Lambda sensor measurement

Pico Diagnostics Compression testing (with WPS)

PicoScope Compression testing with compensation

Pico Diagnostics Cylinder Balance Test limitations

Individual cylinder valve timing errors

Piezo injector operation

PicoScope Automotive devices v PicoScope Test & Measurement devices

PicoScope Resolution Enhancement

Limitation of PicoScope Waveform Buffer Memory

PicoScope Frequency Coupling feature

PicoScope AC Coupling feature

PicoScope Connect Detect feature within diagnosis

Keyless Entry Detector (Alternative uses)

Listening to psdata files

NVH Noise Cancellation with Audacity/Tooth Contact frequency

NVH Speaker wiring test

NVH Belt Tension measurement

NVH Dash Cam to NVH inc. Reference Waveforms

NVH 3 Axis Vibration measurement and Multiple Sensor Mode

NVH Time Domain

Locating momentary knocking noises with NVH and PicoScope

NVH Harmonic Rulers

NVH Orders and Harmonics

NVH Function Generator

NVH Graphing PIDS

NVH Filtering

Customer Mic application

NVH Tire Correction factor

NVH Adding a Custom Vibration

NVH Wheel Bearing Diagnosis

NVH Listening to Accelerometers

New NVH Features for 2019

NVH Suspension Natural Frequency

NVH FFT Response and Accuracy control

NVH Audio Import Analysis

Explanation of engine vibration orders E0.5, E1 and E2

NVH Calculating Road speed

NVH Transmission, Transfer Ratio entries with and without OBD Road Speed

Wind Noise Detection via NVH & Smart Phone

Parking sensor-Ultrasonic testing-Wind noise detection

Pico Diagnostics Battery test insight

Pico Diagnostics Battery test results and criteria explained

24 Volt battery testing with PicoScope

BMW Valvetronic evaluation here

Mazda RX8 Wankle Engine Compression Testing

Hydraulic Pump Theoretical Flow Rate and Volumetric Efficiency

Hybrid Relative compression testing

Creating a custom probe

High impendence TA375 v Standard Pico Test leads with CAN & FlexRay

FlexRay capture and decoding

NVH Case Studies

WPS Case Studies

Current clamp case studies

Case Studies- PicoScope in harmony with the Scan Tool not against!

Case Studies-HGV-Commercial-Agricultural-Heavy Machinery

How to locate your PicoScope 6 Automotive trace file (Page 4)

Videos - Pico Automotive YouTube Channel

CAN Webinar Pico UK

CAN Webinar post Q&A

Engine Non-Invasive testing Webinar Pico UK

Engine Non-Invasive testing Webinar post Q&A

Cylinder identification with Common Rail Diesel during relative compression testing

PicoScope 4823 Practical session "Testing with the 8 Channel PicoScope" here

NVH set up and road-test for vibration measurement

PicoScope NVH: an Introduction (Video 1)
Video 1 of 7

Interactive bearing wear evaluation

Mask and Alarm application

Discontinued products and software information
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Re: Links to useful information

Post by Technician » Fri Nov 04, 2016 8:01 pm

Steve, can I make a suggestion?

As the threads move further and further down the list, the thread here made will eventually become lost, difficult to find, so I wonder if it is possible to make it a "sticky". :)

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Re: Links to useful information

Post by Liteace » Sat Nov 05, 2016 4:35 pm

Ive read the useful information a few times, I noticed it says

"Using the previous 4000 series scopes"


"demonstrates perfectly a new feature available with the brand new 4225 and 4425 Automotive PicoScopes"

It would have been nice of the sales team to tell the people who bought their scope to hold off for a bit as a brand new 4225 and 4425 Automotive PicoScopes is coming out or offer a reasonable price upgrade on just the unit !!!!!!!!!!!!!

It contradicts in one way, on adverts for the 4423 automotive, when it "WAS" the all singing all dancing scope to be with the ad said:

Every aspect of your PicoScope has been designed for a long working life, and it has the performance to ensure it will not be obsoleted by the changing technology in new vehicles.

Now with the new 4225 and 4425 out there youve got:

CAN and FlexRay are now common on vehicles, and new protocols such as SENT for digital sensors and CAN FD (up to 5x faster than the current CAN standard) will appear in new vehicles from 2017. The fast sampling rate ensures that the PicoScope 4225 and 4425 have the speed to handle future needs as vehicle technology changes.

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Re: Links to useful information

Post by Dcunning35 » Thu Nov 10, 2016 7:54 pm

Thanks for the insightful post Steve ,being fairly new to the pico kit its great seeing links like this pointing you towards tapping into the full potential of the kit .

Steve Smith
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Pico Staff Member
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Re: Links to useful information

Post by Steve Smith » Fri Nov 11, 2016 11:02 am

Hello and thank you for the feedback posts

Liteace I would not want you to think the 4423 Automotive Scope is now redundant as a result of the next generation 4000 Series Automotive Scopes.

Far from it, the 4423 is actually a better scope today than when you purchased the device thanks to the continual software updates.

The 4423 will continue to provide superior performance as it has since launch back in 2009 and thanks to the software features will enable you to capture and decode SENT, CAN FD, and FlexRay signals

Inevitably time and vehicle development marches on and we must keep pace with test equipment.

Vehicle network communication speeds and memory demands will continue to rise to levels we could have never imagined and so the need for improved test equipment hardware will have to be proportional. (hence the current range of Automotive PicoScopes)

One thing is for certain, the software brings along all scopes in the Pico family, not just the current range of scopes and so a Pico purchase is a lifetime purchase.

There will no doubt come the time where the limitations are reached for previous generation scopes measuring ultra modern vehicle networks over extedned time frames, but this does not render the scope redundant.

Our customers are our friends and this is always demonstrated here at Pico.

Customers who voiced disappointment after purchasing a previous 4000 series scope immediately before the launch of a the new generation Automotive Scope back in 2014, were able to take advantage of an exchange for a limited time period after launch. This is rare indeed and I hope demonstrates our commitment to customers new and old.

Take care.......Steve

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Re: Links to useful information

Post by MBsl600 » Wed Nov 15, 2017 5:07 pm

Many thanks for the effort and detail you've put into presenting this valuable information for the PicoScope community.

As a new member here, I find this priceless information as a way to flatten my learning curve and encourage us all to pursue the knowledge we so desperately need.

Your products and technical assistance is world class.

Best regards

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