Hello people

Come here to introduce yourself, who you are, what you do, and tell us your
experience with our automotive products.
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Cam Code
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Hello people

Post by Cam Code » Mon Jul 25, 2016 12:52 am

Hi everyone my name is Paul and I live in the city of Cambridge. I've worked in the auto industry for 30 yrs mainly as an Auto Electrician, although I also do a lot of mechanical work. This is my first scope & I can't wait to get stuck in using it and be able to find those pesky faults that use to elude me :? , But no longer !!. My aim is to totally master this piece of equipment and I do love a challenge, plus learning something new is always cool to me.

Anyway I won't ramble on :lol: and hopefully I'll get the opportunity to chat with most of you in the near future.

Regards Paul

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Pico Staff Member
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Re: Hello people

Post by Alan » Mon Jul 25, 2016 5:05 am

Hi Paul,

Welcome to the forum - assume you are in Cambridge UK? If so not far from the Pico HQ.

Good luck getting to know the scope - have a look at the training available in the library section of the web site and feel free to ask for any help as well.


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Re: Hello people

Post by STC » Tue Jul 26, 2016 3:55 pm

Also take a look at the scannerdanner youtube videos, he makes good use of the Picoscope and its accessories on real life , live faults.

No harm in looking at his videos where he uses other brands of scope. You can apply your Pico to do the same tests and get the right results.

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Re: Hello people

Post by Dcunning35 » Mon Oct 03, 2016 9:11 pm

Welcome Paul remember to make full use of the forum its a great place full of some excellent techs and I've picked up lots of great information and techniques on here .

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Re: Hello people

Post by FioranoCars » Fri Oct 21, 2016 11:39 am

Welcome Paul, and a wise choice of kit :-)

Practice, practice, the only way to become familiar is to use it every day, once mastered it'll pay back hansomely.

Regards the other posts,
Dear Pico Staff, is it not about time we had a set of sticky threads in a section (best of the web) or a dedicated "Resources" Category, with threads for different categories of helpfully useful materials (links mainly, but attachments too), including of course links to the many excellent Pico tutorials!
Something like this?:
1. Newbie resources (basic video and web tutorials)
2. Books
3. You Tube or other Videos more advanced than the Newbie stuff, or narrow topics
4. General Engine related Stuff
5. Power train (not engine)
6. Can-Bus / Data
7. NVH
8. Battery
9. Sensor Specific (by type of sensor or function?)
W. Accessories, leads and Probes (Sorry Pico, can't just be yours :D )
X. Custom maths channels
Y. Custom Probes
Z. Other Stuff

As so much has been shared here over the years, and it's getting hard to find some of the links/resources.
The posts would need to be short and sharp, and it being a place NOT to discuss the merits of them, unless some caveat is needed based on first hand experience ... it's a library not a discussion.

Most other forums use sticky posts to achieve this, but anyway, just throwing an idea out there to help keep the best resources at your finger tips ...


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Re: Hello people

Post by josephfranklin166 » Fri Dec 23, 2016 7:26 am

hellow I am new joined of the forum. I am Joseph and happy to join this forum

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Re: Hello people

Post by Technician » Sun Dec 25, 2016 5:39 pm

Welcome new members, hope you enjoy your time here on the forum, some great members on board. :)

Edit spelling :oops:

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