NVH Harmonic Marker count increased to 64

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Steve Smith
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NVH Harmonic Marker count increased to 64

Post by Steve Smith » Thu Jul 21, 2016 4:08 pm

A new feature included in the next beta version of NVH will see the introduction of the Harmonic Marker Counter.

Previous versions of the NVH software have utilised only 5 Harmonic Markers/Rulers to identify unknown harmonics/vibration orders.

The images below demonstrate a typical example where multiple unknown vibrations may well be attributed to fundamental vibrations such as E2. (A second order/harmonic engine vibration naturally caused by combustion events in a four cylinder engine)
Multiple unknown vibrations that could be attributed to E2
With only 5 harmonic rulers available, it was difficult to pin point which of the above unknown vibrations were in fact harmonics of E2

Under the Options tab select Advanced Options and increase the Harmonic Marker count to the relevant number required up to a maximum of 64
Increase the Harmonic Marker/Ruler count to suit
The image below highlights the benefits of multiple Harmonic Markers/Rulers in order to identify unknown vibrations and therefore provide information on their origin.
Unknown vibrations now identified and attributed to E2
In order to reduce the "clutter" about multiple harmonic rulers that may be in close proximity to one another, the first 3 harmonic rulers are numerically identified and their frequency indicated based on thier postion in the spectrum

To reveal the Harmonic Ruler count and frequency (position within the spectrum) of a harmonic ruler (without these details) hover your mouse over the ruler where the above data will be revealed

I hope this helps, take care........Steve

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