BMW 316 E46 - 2003 - N42 B18A

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BMW 316 E46 - 2003 - N42 B18A

Postby STC » Wed May 18, 2016 9:13 pm

BMW N42B18A Engine With Vanos VVT & Valvetronic Variable Valve Lift.

The Story
This drove into a garage with misfiring & spluttering. The head was lifted off, some valves and timing chain replaced.

Fact !

I happened to be there and I heard it start up , run for a few seconds then die. Never to fire again. I turned the key and it was clear that it had no compression. Confirmed with Compression Gauge, 40 Psi in all 4 Cylinders and a Inlet Camshaft Position Sensor Fault. The sensor is fine as you can see in the Capture below.

(649.01 KiB) Downloaded 91 times

N42 Bad.png

I have found waveforms from similar 4 Cylinder BMW engines in the Library but none match the exact Engine Code.

Does anyone, either have a known good or advise if my capture is good or bad.

Once Again,

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