Anyone Using Ace Mis-fire Detective & First Look sensor?

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Anyone Using Ace Mis-fire Detective & First Look sensor?

Post by FioranoCars » Sat Apr 02, 2016 5:48 pm

Hi all
Moving our scopes to new homes, yes finally Christmas came and the old 3 series has been joined by a 4425 :P :P

and finding lots of dusty kit that's not been out for, dare I say it, years!

First, was the First Look with the optional Ace Misfire detective package .... ... tic-sensor
and ... -detective

As we've now added the WPS500X kit too (different tool to the first look), and that Aston DB9 is about to get hammered, I thought I'd see if anyone is using or sees value in the results the Ace/FirstLook provide? And maybe add some tests with that too, or use it with the WPS500X to see pressure waves etc.

Anyway, while on the Thompson webiste (who make the AceMisFire software), I noticed: ... ucts_id=57
*Compatible with Pico 212/3 and 3000 series ONLY up to Windows XP OS
*Compatible with 4223 or 4423 series ADC with ALL Windows OS
*NOT COMPATIBLE with PicoScope 4225 & 4425 ADC
So, can't use the software with the new scope, :cry: , but the first look is just a BNC device supplying the scope a voltage, so can still use that. Sadly Thompson's forums are very out of date (last post 2011) and don't allow new posts!

So thought I'd see what others think of it's value? or experiences ... :?: :?:

Thanks in advance
Richard Lukins

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