New features of Beta NVH software

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Steve Smith
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Re: New features of Beta NVH software

Post by Steve Smith » Mon Jun 27, 2016 11:34 am

Hi Mark another late reply, sorry.

Triangulating the source of noise is very interesting and yes, you can with the current accelerometers and interfaces!

Using the Time Domain feature of the current NVH Beta software would be challenging as there are no “Time Rulers” but what about PicoScope?

The output from our accelerometer/interface is voltage, hence we can apply this voltage to PicoScope (not Pico Diagnostics) so allowing for accurate time measurements.

Using 4 accelerometers and interfaces connected to a 4 channel scope we can accurately measure the amplitude of each input (using Signal Rulers) to determine how close we are to the source of the noise, and Time Rulers to determine the length of the transfer path.

(Chassis/Subframe creaks spring to mind)

Here then we have a triangulation of momentary noise based on amplitude and time taken to arrive at each accelerometer.

You can use the psprobe file below (for a TA143 accelerometer) to load into your software using the Tools > Custom Probes > Import feature of PicoScope.
TA143 accelerometer.psprobe
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I hope this helps, take care……Steve

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Re: New features of Beta NVH software

Post by Mark Dalton » Fri Jul 01, 2016 6:29 am

Look forward to giving a try.
Greatly appreciate your help as always. Cheers.

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