0.6v drop in signal between buffer/screen refresh?!

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0.6v drop in signal between buffer/screen refresh?!

Post by FioranoCars » Wed Mar 16, 2016 7:48 am

Reviewing a 100 odd buffer capture of A/C ripple showing loaded/unloaded and idle verse 3,000rpm to confirm the alternator was performing well under load as well as normal conditions and noticed that between buffers 32-33 that the signal of 1 channel (chC) dropped by 0.6 better the 2 pages, no other changes, just a "drop" and the trace was missing for 0.5ms on that channel and missing for 0.3ms on ChA and B.

Saved the full trace and then just buffers 31-32 to see if there was some refresh issue or glitch due to file size etc, but the same identical issue is shown in the smaller file (attached):
buffer 31
buffer32 - missing 0.5ms on chC and 0.3ms of A and B
Zoom into original full file, shows screen redraw lacks 0.25ms of Channel B and 0.5ms of Channel C !!
Zoom of buffer 57 shows chC starts at 0.5ms and ChB at 0.25ms
Can't recall ever seeing something like this! Psdata file for 31-32 and the full file attached.

Richard Lukins
alternator ripple test-all buffers.psdata
(9.11 MiB) Downloaded 414 times
alternator ripple test2 p31-32.psdata
(214.45 KiB) Downloaded 376 times

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