10 cylinders and More + Display Bug + Custom Keyboard

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10 cylinders and More + Display Bug + Custom Keyboard

Postby FioranoCars » Sun Jan 24, 2016 4:48 pm

There appears to be no way to customise the keyboard shortcuts for either "application selection" or start stop etc for the tests. Can this be added to the wish list for future versions please?

The 10 and 12 cylinder tests appear to not be allowed, although they let you try, only to block you into the test, I've not tried the latest, but within the last beta had this issue ... can this be looked into and either remove the option for 10-12 or ideally allow it on a "still in development" results might be wrong, but please submit a file to Pico so we can analyse them! .... clearly any issues to 3 series or early 4 series should be made clear if they apply?

Finally a display bug in the cylinder balance test - affects both the main screen and the setup wizard - sadly back to 10 and 12 cylinders!

Using latest version:
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Version: 1.8.3 build 1540

Good image

Corrupt 10/12 on main screen:

In Setup Wizard too - both 10 and 12 cylinders:

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