Freelander 1,8 2004 fuelpump problem

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Freelander 1,8 2004 fuelpump problem

Post by antreas26 » Sun Jan 24, 2016 1:27 pm

Hello guys.I would like to share these waveforms that i took with pico.The problem was a crank but no start from a Land Rover-Freelander 18k4f engine 2004 model.We had spark but not fuel pressure.Because we were at the field after a phonecall and we did'nt want to tow the car for some reason,we banged 2-3 times the plastic fuel tank under the car while cranking and the car started immediatly.So we drove it to the garage for further inspection.There was no check engine light on and the car was working fine.We took fuel pressure and it was in specs.3,5 bar(50.75 psi).Now here comes
pico taking the fuel pump current.
Land Rover_Freelander_2004_20160124-bad.psdata
(1.07 MiB) Downloaded 276 times
You could see very clear the pump dropouts and high amperage.We then changed the fuel pump and took a capture with pico to see the fix.
Land Rover_Freelander_2004_20160124 fix.psdata
(977.48 KiB) Downloaded 324 times
.I would like to point out the value of pico that even with the bad pump in specs.fuel pressure and working in about 3,500 rpm/min,in 10 minutes time it revealed the problem of the pump making the fix 100% accurate.Thak you Pico once again.

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Re: Freelander 1,8 2004 fuelpump problem

Post by FioranoCars » Sun Jan 24, 2016 7:03 pm

Could not agree more, sometimes proving the fix is just as/more important as the diagnosis!

It would have been good to see the pump +ve as well, to clearly see the pump was not being controlled by the ECU to stop and start, or that a PWM signal was causing an issues, but the result is a very clear difference post repair!

Great value from the Pico!


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