Help file update, or Maths Channel Multi-Select Bug?

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Help file update, or Maths Channel Multi-Select Bug?

Post by FioranoCars » Wed Jan 06, 2016 12:22 pm


The help file for "Maths Channels" is either out of date/wrong, or the export operation has a bug!
In the help file"
Opens a .psmaths math channel file and places the math channels it contains in the Library section.

Saves all math channels from the Library section to a new .psmaths file.
But even if you multi select (using the tick boxes, and you can't multi highlight) it only exports the highlighted math channel. I did check the export file, in case it was the import thing going wrong, but only 1 element in the export file.

Equally if you multi select to delete or duplicate, only the highlighted item is actioned, which means the multi select currently has no use ... so maybe more of a bug than help file error?

While it's easy to work around, it would be good if it worked with Multi-select :-)


Steve Smith
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Re: Help file update, or Maths Channel Multi-Select Bug?

Post by Steve Smith » Fri Jan 08, 2016 11:30 am

Hello Richard and thank you for the heads up.

It would appear we have a number of issues here with this procedure.

Either the help file requires correction to the wording, multi select function is in-op (bug) or multi select was never intended and requires a "New Feature Request"

I have to say the multi select feature would be great as this would speed the process of moving maths channels around and deleting where required.

There is a potential “work round” here by moving your entire maths channel library folder if this would help with exporting to a new PC.

For example:
Your original PC has a large library of math channels and you purchase a new PC.

Upon installing PicoScope to the new PC your maths channel library will be empty.

Here you would be required to save all your existing maths channels (individually) to an external drive and move them across to your new PC where they would have to then be imported one at a time.

The “work around” would be to locate the maths channel folder (mathsformulae.psmaths) located in your alphanumerical folder automatically created after every PicoScope open/close event.

Copy and save your maths channel folder to an external drive.

Move the external drive to the new PC and copy the original maths channel folder to the most recent alphanumerical folder inside your Pico Technology folder (See images below)
Step 1 Locate Alpha Numerical file.jpg
Step 2  mathsformulae.psmaths  file.jpg
Now when you open your new PicoScope software on your new PC, the maths channel library should be pre-populated with all your original maths channels

I hope this helps, take care……..Steve

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