Where do we ask for future features in NVH?

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Where do we ask for future features in NVH?

Post by tek1229 » Fri Jul 24, 2015 1:46 pm

Hi everyone, I am brand new here but been a gm dealer tech for 25 years.. We finally have the picoscope and I have been using it for vibrations a bit now.. I have some issues with the GM NVH software, it does work but I have a couple of suggestions that I think would make it better.. Mainly my issues stem from using a tablet, but that is required since I do not have a dyno and I need to drive the vehicles on the open road to get the vibrations to occur.. I am assuming that Pico wrote the software?

Can we get rid of the HUGE NVH and Balancing buttons on the left hand side.. really, why are they stealing so much real estate??

Can we have an auto save feature where maybe every time I hit 'save' it wil lauto save the file by date and time? Maybe even a date or VIN folder automatically? Please don't make me click 2 or 3 times trying to save a file.. I'm not doing it while I'm driving but even pulled over on the side of the road this can be a pita, especially since I have to name each file and I need to make sure I don't overwrite an older file by accident..

Big gripe for me.. When I click NVH it erases the data I just paused.. This has happened by accident too many times for me.. Try clicking File.. Then try clicking save.. Sometimes I am off just a little bit, or it doesn't register a touch perfectly so the drop down menu disappears just as I touch and it thinks I am clicking NVH and I end up losing my data..
It might be an issue with my tablet but the layout could be changed to make it much more user friendly..

Why on earth can I only save the last 60 seconds or so of data.. That is practically useless!! I now need to grab a lube kid to drive with me because I cannot afford the time to drive the vehicle while I am recording and then pull off and park safely and then save the data.. I can use up 45 seconds easily just trying to pull off and that leaves me with a messily 15 seconds of data.. I have tried it with 2 tablets and my dekstop and it doesn't change, only 60 seconds of data can be saved? I have tried to see if I am doing something wrong but by everything I can tell that's the way it is.. IF I'm wrong, let me know, and then change it so it can be easily seen that I am wrong..

mainly I guess..

Make the 2 huge buttons for NVH and Balancing smaller, or make them disappear once your into either NVH or Balancing and add a home button somewhere else, maybe top left.. There is NO need to be able to wipe everything so easy.. Just an accidental touch or click and you lose ALL your data.. Lets free up some of the real estate on the screen please..

Can we have some kind of autosave that has filename/folder suggestions?? It should automatically create a folder by vin and probably use a date/time stamp filename suggestion.. Realistically I just want one button on the screen that saves what I am looking at with just one press.. I can always go back and delete them if needed.. I wouldn't need this if I could save 5-10 minutes at a time and crop data as needed and then save.. This could be done when I am parked..

Oh ya.. If I turn on P3 so I can see it, every time I start over it seems to forget that I enabled it.. Can this be addressed as well?

Thanks for this hardware and software combination, much better than working with the EVA..

If I need to make these suggestions somewhere else, just let me know.. If I need to go thru GM let me know.. or if others agree or have other suggestions for me or the software just write them all down here below me.. TGIF people!!!

Steve Smith
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Pico Staff Member
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Re: Where do we ask for future features in NVH?

Post by Steve Smith » Sun Jul 26, 2015 10:04 am

Hello Tek and thank you so much for your GM NVH feedback.

Feedback such as yours from end users is invaluable and highlights behavioural features we can improve upon.

I think you have highlighted a number of characteristics using Tablet/Touch screen devices in our profession. (Especially during vehicle testing)

I have not used a tablet style PC during any NVH testing but will give it a try to see how it compares to a conventional Lap Top.

In answer to your question "I am assuming Pico wrote the software" you are correct and continue to implement improvements recommended by users and GM.

I agree with the NVH and Balancing buttons consuming screen space (especially Tablet screen space). I can add this recommendation/suggestion over to the software team who will discuss with all the necessary parties how best to modify the software to resolve your concern.

I do like your auto save suggestion (under road-test conditions) as I know it can be time consuming to apply any notes and specifying location and file name before saving. (This again I will discuss with the software team)

By default file names are stored as "150726_VibrationAnalysiser_001.pddata" where 150726 equates to the date 26/07/15
with a generic name "VibrationAnalysier" and then each file given a number 001 in the case above. (when no alterations are made to the file name) Rest assured I will discuss how this process could be simplified.

The maximum record time of the NVH software is 500 seconds and this can be adjusted to suit form the set-up menu. (See below) This will help with the restrictions you have experienced with a 60 second recorded time.
Remember we also have the pause option where you can stop recording once you have captured your data. Here you then have time to pull over and save where it is safe to do so with out losing the critical vibration data when the fault occurs

I will look into the P3 (Prop-shaft 3rd order vibration) concern and if this proves to be a bug I will report this for rectification ASAP

The forum is an ideal port of call to share any concerns you have surrounding PicoScope. However we also have support@picotech.com for specific PicoScope/VM concerns with a more rapid response

I hope some of the above information has been of some help and please feedback when you can for any clarification

Take care.......Steve

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