Channel labelling.

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Steve Smith
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Channel labelling.

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Once again, many thanks for the contributions to the Waveform Library which is proving to be invaluable when looking for a “life line” during diagnosis.

What has become apparent since the launch of the Waveform Library is the number of new channel labels that have appeared from users all over the world.

These new labels are gathered together for review and then added to the PicoScope software in order to speed up the process of channel labelling. (Which is essential when searching for a specific component)

As individuals we all have our preferences as what we call various components and for this reason we have channel labels such as "Oxygen / 02 / Lambda sensor"

Start typing any of the above component names in the channel label box and PicoScope will automatically list the options available. This way you do not have to search through the long list of channel labels until you find the one you want.
Coming back to the start of this post and the Waveform Library, the facility to search by channel label can present “mixed results” if a user has labelled a channel using a description not contained within the preloaded channel labels.

For example:
A user labels a Crankshaft Sensor as an Engine Speed Sensor.

Another user then searches for Crankshaft Sensor and will find numerous waveforms but the actual sensor he required was indeed the sensor labelled up as Engine Speed Sensor.

This would not be found in his original search looking for channels labelled Crankshaft Sensor

To enable us all to find the waveforms we require it would be most helpful if we can use the channel label options already available in PicoScope software.

Rest assured as new labels are added by users we will continue to review and add them where applicable to ensure we have every component covered as technology marches on.

Please find below a list of the new Channel Labels to be added and any new suggestions would be most welcome.
Copy of Channel labels to add July 2015.xlsx
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Take care…….Steve

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Re: Channel labelling.

Post by tode »

Thanks Steve for your work, I would add:
Adblue (DEF) heater current signal ;
Adblue (DEF) heater voltage signal ;
Air conditioning (AC) EV variable displacement current ;
Air conditioning (AC) EV variable displacement voltage ;
Best regards

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