Wich is the best automotive soft for the ADC-212/3?

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Wich is the best automotive soft for the ADC-212/3?


Hello, I'm the proud owner of a 4423 standard kit, and also recently bought an old ADC-212/3, mostly because when I was studiyng back in 1999 I always wanted to have one, but couldn't afford it. Whell now my doubt is about wich automotive software is or was the most stable for this scope?, If posible someone could post a link for that software.
Also, I would like to know what are the recomended PC specs, in order to run it smothly.
My ADC-212/3 only has the parallel cable and the power adapter, I do not have the pico usb to parallel adapter.
I would apreciate all the help you could provide me.
Thank you very much


Steve Smith
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Pico Staff Member
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Re: Wich is the best automotive soft for the ADC-212/3?

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Hello Joch and thank you for the enquiry.

The current PicoScope 6 Automotive software will run both the ADC-212 and the 4423 scopes. (Version 6.10.8.)

This can be downloaded at http://www.picoauto.com/download-software.html where the PC specification are listed at the bottom of this download page.

However you may experience issues with the ADC- 212:

The ADC 212 will not run Pico Diagnostics

The ADC 212 will not run with 64 bit PC's re the parallel port issue

A parallel to USB converter is now obsolete from Pico given the chip utilised within the converter is no longer available.

Your options with the ADC-212 therefore are to use this scope with a 32 bit PC supporting a parallel connection.

I hope this helps......Take care.....Steve

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