Citroen Berlingo 1,4 Hesitation Problem

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Citroen Berlingo 1,4 Hesitation Problem

Post by antreas26 » Sat Oct 11, 2014 9:34 pm

Hi guys.The citroen berlingo is a 2001 model with KFW 1,4 engine.The customers complaint is sometimes the idle is unstable and hesitation on acceleration sometimes also.He left the car for further investigation.The symptoms that the customer tells me is very critical to have a direction where to look for,if there is no check light.From the scanner i had no codes and whent to the parameters looking for volt dropouts at the tps,because i believed that was the problem .Could not see anything unusual.So Pico came out and in 15 minutes the problem was solved.You could see in the zoomed file
tps zoomed.psdata
(358.37 KiB) Downloaded 531 times
(thank you pico) there were a lot of dropouts at the tps.The file that i saved (not zoomed)for the bad tps
bad tps.psdata
(4.16 MiB) Downloaded 406 times
.You can see the Value of the Pico when the scanners are useless.So i changed the tps
good tps.psdata
(2.01 MiB) Downloaded 388 times
and everything returned to normal.

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Re: Citroen Berlingo 1,4 Hesitation Problem

Post by PicoPhil » Mon Sep 14, 2015 2:40 pm

Thank you for this post and proves the power of the PicoScope.
Have you tried to upload these waveforms to the Library ?
Again thank you.

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