Seeking Advise

Ask any questions relating to the PicoScope hardware or kit contents here.
If you have any questions prior to purchasing the kit post them here.
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Seeking Advise

Post by Vijay50 » Thu Oct 09, 2014 5:10 pm


We are planning to get in to the business of trouble shooting/ diagnose and module repair of auto Electronic modules. Kindly advise list of Equipment / set up required to trouble shoot all makes of vehicles.
Any leads/ links to module repairs to component level will also be appreciated , like required set up etc

Thanks for your help


Steve Smith
Pico Staff Member
Pico Staff Member
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Re: Seeking Advise

Post by Steve Smith » Fri Oct 10, 2014 1:35 pm

Hello Vijay and thank you for your post.

You will find loads of information here to set you on your way into the world of diagnostics so please take the time to digest as much information as you can from our members whose knowledge is huge and invaluable.

I have attached below a response that should help with your enquiry.

You can install the PicoScope software on your PC and use in "demo mode". This will give you full and complete functionality and allow you to view the "Automotive" help files stored under the AUTOMOTIVE tab.

To down load the software please visit,, where you will also find the minimum PC requirements.

Here you will find complete instructions and how to use the scope and apply numerous measuring techniques to all forms of sensors and actuators. The software does not time out and is continually updated free of charge with new features and help files.

The software is not manufacturer specific as we are measuring signals from components and not communicating with the vehicles on-board diagnostic system.

For a dedicated Scan Tool for your vehicles you would then have to contact the manufacturers direct or an Aftermarket manufacturer for a generic scan tool covering the vehicles you would like to diagnose.

The PicoScope is an incredibly reliable USB based oscilloscope which is sold the world over and forms part of many vehicle manufacturers’ diagnostic tool kits, accompanying their own dedicated scan tools.

What you get with the PicoScope is a true oscilloscope with no interruptions or modifications to the signals you are measuring, so revealing the signals produced by the vehicle whilst preserving the integrity of the signals for display on your screen

With the signal captured on screen you can then choose to filter accordingly, safe in the knowledge what you have captured is “fact” and not an interpretation of the signal as many combined scan tool/oscilloscopes will have you believe.

For information about the kits we produce, the prices and the leads contained in these kits please visit,

For information regarding training and the use of the scope in “real world” scenarios please take a look at

I hope this helps and please feedback if you need any further information.

Take care…..Steve Smith

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