CAN serial decoding Ford Fiesta ST150 mk5

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CAN serial decoding Ford Fiesta ST150 mk5

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I am installing a standalone Vi-PEC ecu with configurable CAN output in a Ford Fiesta St150 mk5 rallycar. The car is up and running with the Vi-PEC, but the instrument cluster uses CAN from ecu to show coolant temp and tacho, and this is not working. Is there a way using my PicoScope to capture/decode the signals from the stock ecu so I can use the info and get the Vi-PEC ecu to send the info via CAN to the oem instrument cluster?
I am new into the CAN, so any help would be nice:)
I see Cancapture sell a can sniffer ( ), but would be nice to save the money if I can get the info with the help of my PicoScope.

Ben Stian

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Re: CAN serial decoding Ford Fiesta ST150 mk5

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Hi Ben
Within the PicoScope software we can save Can data and decode these files and export onto an excel file. I think you would need to ask Vi - PEC which format they require the data in.
Have you since fixed the vehicle ?

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