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Post by sigoaprendiendo » Mon Feb 09, 2015 11:13 am

KimAndersen wrote:Just to add to the above post.

I dont know if there are guidelines how to ask or present a diagnostic problem in this forum.

If not, then I think there should be minimum of information/data available for the members to make a qualified decision of what do with the diagnostic problem.

From time to time, when we are faced with a diagnostic problem, we only have limited information available to use - sometimes there is only some written text without info regarding what engine code or what car model we are dealing with.

We are not god !!!. We cant see through engine and say whats wrong or what do in that situation, when the engine behave strangely.

A good diagnostic approach starts with the communication with the customer and the information that he or she can give regarding how the problem has developed over time.

But sadly, is there many there think, if we only get the diagnostic trouble codes (DTC) that its enough to diagnose there problem car, but its not enough in my opinion. :wink:

Hi Kim

Absolutely agree with you, we have to submit relevant information so that we can help each other. Some times I refrain to lend a hand when someone ask for whatever problem the car has just because a previous imagination exercise is necessary to figure out what is going on.


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Re: Forum Areas

Post by Tronic » Tue Jul 03, 2018 11:33 pm

Yes, I saw that it was an old thread, but truly with many good ideas and among them a pile of good ones from Fat Freddy that made me glad. Since there has not been any changes – neither any follow-ups, which puzzles me – I would like to know what happened. I think it would be wise, or a must, to have topics that can gather members of different interests. The fact is, as you all know, that people can have their excellence in a specific area IE: engines, diagnostics, electronics, or whatever related to automotive and of course there are some that master almost everything, but sadly, there is lots of others that are waiting for the very right moment when they are the one that has the right answer and also, those who do not feel at home because there is no place for them to ask or discuss. I have myself been a long time member at EEVblog (Electronic Engineering blog) and I can assure you that there are topics enough that cover most of what the members want, have a look at it.

Just to quote Fat Freddy:
I think a lot of people will visit a forum out of habit. But if nothing happens for long periods of time people stop returning. Varity is the spice of life.
I do not know if he meant variety (think so) but what he wrote is how it is. Look at the forum today, there is less activity then I expect from a forum like this and you may ask why? Well, not all, but many members have their specific area of knowledge / interest in automotive and that is probably the Achilles heel. Today there are a big number of members that are real good at what they are doing, but for different reasons, just a small number of them keep the forum engine running. Think of this: how many members are there and how many of them are just lurking around just because they do not find the right place?

Kim Andersen wrote about the importance of information when you start a thread and I cannot agree more in what he shared. There is only one thing I would like to add and that is a more friendly approach. At times when things goes wrong, when members feels like real blockheads just because they did not put it right, just inform them in a polite way, not in an aggressive.

It is late and I am celebrating a successful repair so I leave the rest for others and finally, whatever changes that will be made, most of the talk will, in one way or another and at the end, be related to use of a specific instrumentation and of course, without doubt, the excellent Picoscope. ;-)


Bjorn celebrating at local time 01:25 and still full daylight ;-)

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Re: Forum Areas

Post by Technician » Wed Jul 04, 2018 8:54 pm

I'm trapped between a Rock and a Hard Place at the moment with mine LOL :mrgreen:

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