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by Alan
Mon Oct 17, 2016 4:19 pm
Forum: PicoScope 6 Automotive software
Topic: Buffer Count stops at 331 ...
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Re: Buffer Count stops at 331 ...

Its all related to the memory settings. Your PicoScope 4425 has a 250 million sample memory as such you could capture 250 buffers each of 1 million samples or 125 each of 2 million etc. Lets for this example use the max memory set to 2.5 million samples to give a maximum of 100 buffers. Where things...
by Alan
Mon Oct 17, 2016 2:27 pm
Forum: Automotive kit hardware
Topic: Noise Levels between Scope Models 3243 vs 4425
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Re: Noise Levels between Scope Models 3243 vs 4425

Hi, We do have issues at time when faster hardware reveals things that were already there (ie revealing previously hidden problems) but not visible before but having said that the noise levels look rather high with the 4425. If you are still connected can you only collect one channel on your 3423 - ...
by Alan
Tue Oct 04, 2016 5:17 am
Forum: PicoDiagnostics NVH
Topic: WiFi ELM327 Connection
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Re: WiFi ELM327 Connection

Hi Mark, One of the issues with the ELM scan tools is that there are few (if any) that are genuine. Nearly all are slightly different clones. Start by seeing if you can get it to work with the scan tool software supplied with the device (which may install drivers etc as part of the process) - if it ...
by Alan
Fri Sep 09, 2016 7:23 am
Forum: PicoScope 6 Automotive software
Topic: Pico Automotive Feature Requests
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Re: Pico Automotive Feature Requests

Hi Dave & others, Thanks for this - we do spend a lot of time listening to customers and collecting feedback. We make 100s of improvements every year to the software but we also get 1000s of suggestions so can not get them all done. We do read, discuss and consider all requests. We also try to get t...
by Alan
Sun Aug 21, 2016 6:32 am
Forum: Diagnostic discussion
Topic: High tension leads with skinny plug wires
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Re: High tension leads with skinny plug wires

Hi Blake, If the wires are skinny then the problem is that they are not in the center of the clamp. Try wrapping a bit of something non conductive around the lead first - cardboard / tape etc. Also if you can capture the primary voltage at the same time - its really educational to experiment with pl...
by Alan
Sun Jul 31, 2016 6:51 am
Forum: Introductions
Topic: Hi PicoScope users!!!
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Re: Hi PicoScope users!!!

Hi Erik, Welcome to the forum! Those of us who work at Pico are probably a bit biased to answer your question so best if some users reply. If you have outgrown the meter and powerprobe though a scope is the next step in improving your diagnostic skills. We are a fan of the ScannerDanner videos here ...
by Alan
Mon Jul 25, 2016 5:05 am
Forum: Introductions
Topic: Hello people
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Re: Hello people

Hi Paul,

Welcome to the forum - assume you are in Cambridge UK? If so not far from the Pico HQ.

Good luck getting to know the scope - have a look at the training available in the library section of the web site and feel free to ask for any help as well.

by Alan
Sun Jul 10, 2016 7:37 pm
Forum: Introductions
Topic: Brexit questions/concerns
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Re: Brexit questions/concerns

Hi STC, Many thanks for that - much appreciated. Our company culture is simple (and old fashioned) - treat the customer as your friend. We do not always get everything right but we always do our best so its nice to get feedback like this. The last 25 years at Pico have been a blast! Best Regards Alan
by Alan
Tue May 24, 2016 8:57 pm
Forum: Automotive kit hardware
Topic: ground signal noise
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Re: ground signal noise

Hi, PicoScopes (old or new) have shielded electronics internally and the test leads are well shielded. The wiring loom in a vehicle however is not shielded and wires from sensitive sensor signals run alongside wires from noise generating components such as injectors and ignition. If you see noise it...
by Alan
Tue May 17, 2016 6:48 am
Forum: Diagnostic discussion
Topic: BMW 630i - GDi - N53 30A - Siemans MS80
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Re: BMW 630i - GDi - N53 30A - Siemans MS80

I wonder if checking / replacing any of the MOSFET driver transistors is going to help? Had it just been one injector not firing then you would suspect one MOSFET had failed. As none of them are firing it is unlikely that they all suddenly failed unless something else is wrong as well - massive volt...