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Pico Staff on the forum

Postby AuthorMike » Wed Jan 13, 2016 1:48 pm

Hello All,

With the New Year comes a couple of new changes. The first of these you will notice is that over to the right of this post my username is now a beautiful orange/peach colour (a favorite among motoring enthusiasts and professionals alike, I'm sure you will agree). In addition, you will see my Avatar is now a black Pico logo, and the words "Pico Staff Member" appear directly under my username.

This is now the standard format for all Pico Technology members of staff who are active on our Automotive forum. The staff who are active on this forum come from various departments such as Marketing, Technical Support, and Development (to name a few), and we are all here to help.

If you have any issues or concerns relating to the forum, please feel free to send a private message or direct email to myself. You can find buttons for both of these features to the right of any of my posts.

Kind Regards,
Mike Valentine
Technical Author @ Pico Technology UK
Pico Staff Member
Pico Staff Member
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