Can PicoScope test air/fuel ratio?

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Can PicoScope test air/fuel ratio?

Post by eric989 » Thu Apr 19, 2012 9:48 am

Hi all,
I have two questions may somebody can help me here.

Question 1:
Can I use PicoScope to measure air fuel ratio of the tested engine? Maybe measure the length of burn time of ignition waveform, then to calculate the air fuel ratio, or some other methods. Is it possible to know the accurate ail fuel ratio through PicoScope ?

Question 2:
How I can measure all cylinders compression when engine is running, rather than cranking, I know PicoDiagnostics can take the compression test, but it need to disable the engine. What I want to do is: I need to adjust all cylinders’ inlet air or fuel to make all cylinders have the same compression. My job is adjusting race automotive/motorcycle; make them have a best performance and power.

The above-mentioned questions are from my friend. I turn to get help here.

Eric Chen
Hongke Technology,China

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