PicoBNC+ resistance test lead

This is a brand-new lead and offers dynamic measurement of resistance which is a feature we are using within our guided tests. The TA432 can be used to test diodes, in addition to resistance measurements. This accessory is only available for PicoBNC+ and will not work with older PicoScope models.

The TA432 has a total lead length of 2m in a Y configuration, with the non-PicoBNC+ ends being 1m in length and terminated in a 4mm non-shrouded connection. The lead contains an active current source and is intended to be used only on unpowered components and wires.

The specification of the TA432 is:


Attribute Published specification
Model PicoBNC+ resistance test lead
Combined length of lead and probe 2 m
Maximum voltage and CAT ratings +-30 V ref PC Ground, not CAT rated
Hardware Resolution Range 200 Ω with resolution of 0.1 Ω
  Range 2 kΩ with resolution of 1 Ω
  Range 20 k Ω with resolution of 10 Ω
  Range 200 kΩ with resolution of 100 Ω
  Range 2 MΩ with resolution of 1 kΩ (PicoScope 7 only)
Hardware Accuracy Range 200 Ω with accuracy of 2 Ω
  Range 2 kΩ with accuracy of 20 Ω
  Range 20 kΩ with accuracy of 200 Ω
  Range 200 kΩ with accuracy of 5 kΩ
  Range 2 MΩ with accuracy of 50 kΩ (PicoScope 7 only)
Diode test Sub 2 V Voltage range for diode measurement
Scaling factor and ranges Auto ranging for resistance starting HIGH Diode test is a single fixed range
Default choice is resistance
Auto range does not include the diode range
Calibration / zero offset requirements  On start-up

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