Engine and hydraulics diagnostic kit

With high accuracy and a wide measuring range, the WPS600C Hydraulic Pressure Transducer connects to your PicoScope for convenient analysis and diagnosis of pressurized systems.

The Pico Engine and Hydraulics kit combines our Diesel diagnostics kit with two WPS600C Hydraulic pressure transducers, enabling you to accurately and quickly diagnose faults on many different types of mobile machinery. PicoScope has already been chosen by dozens of vehicle and equipment manufacturers because of its unique combination of value, reliability, performance and guidance. 

By combining the high-precision hydraulic transducers with a PicoScope kit, you can now look at hydraulic pressures in the same time frame as the engine control signals giving complete visibility of how the system is operating. You can now see the exact moment valves start to move in the hydraulic system and compare this directly to the relevant electronic controls. You can also investigate stalling and 'no start' conditions due to the comprehensive coverage of engine and electrical systems.

With PicoScope you have direct access to over 150 built-in guided tests covering engine and electrical sensors, actuators and systems. These include both voltage and current measurements and cover camshaft, crankshaft, oxygen sensors, injectors and many more. These tests give you a head start in diagnosing and fixing engine faults right first time; when combined with the hydraulic system they allow diagnosis of complex interactions of the hydraulic and engine systems.

WPS600C Pressure Transducer

With high accuracy and a wide measuring range, the WPS600C Hydraulic Pressure Transducer connects to your PicoScope for convenient analysis and diagnosis of pressurized systems.

  • Accurately measure up to 600 bar (8700 psi)
  • Ultra-fast 100 microsecond response time (0% to 90% of full scale)
  • Internal rechargeable LiPo battery
  • Industry-standard M16 x 2 test point connector
  • Auto-zeroing
  • High noise immunity
  • Temperature compensated

Not for continuous operation

Due to the wide range of hydraulic fittings in use, we do not supply any specific adaptors or hoses for use with this product. Those provided with the low-pressure WPS500X are not suitable for use with the higher-pressure hydraulic systems.

We recommend contacting your regular hydraulic hose supplier for any additional fittings or custom hose assemblies you may require to suit your specific system.

Pressure Ranges

Two pressure ranges for increased versatility
The two pressure ranges of the WPS600C allow accurate measurement and diagnosis of permanent and non-permanent automotive and industrial hydraulic systems.

Range 1
The first range, 0 to 600 bar (approximately 8700 psi), gives you high resolution and accuracy for high-pressure tests in hydraulic systems.

Range 2
The second range measures from 0 to 60 bar (approximately 870 psi). This range is ideal for low-pressure hydraulic systems and oil pumps.

Range Pressure range Accuracy Response time Output scaling
1 0 to 600 bar
0 to 8700 psi
1% of scale 100 µs 1 V/100 bar
1 V/1450 psi
2 0 to 60 bar
0 to 870 psi
1% of scale 100 µs 1 V/10 bar
1 V/145 psi


Flow Meters

To go with the Hydraulics diagnostics kit Pico can supply a range of flow meters designed to work directly with your PicoScope. The Pico flow meter range has been developed in conjunction with industry-leading flow meter supplier Webtec and is based on their very popular range of turbine flow meters.

At Pico, we can offer you three different sizes of flow meter: 25 lpm, 300 lpm and 600 lpm. All flow meters come with a flow output for direct connection to the PicoScope and an embedded thermistor for measuring oil temperature. They also have an M16x2 Minimess pressure test port for connecting to your WPS600C. The two larger sizes also have a built-in loading valve to enable you to load the hydraulic system under test, allowing you to see the system performance under full load.

For ease of connection, the flow meters are supplied with either SAE or BSP inlet and outlet ports depending on your requirements.

What’s in the pack? 

1 Carry case 2 Small Crocodile/Gator Clip red
1 Carry case WPS600C 2 Small Crocodile/Gator Clip black
1 4-Channel Automotive Oscilloscope (4425A) 2 PicoScope Battery Clip red
2 WPS600C Pressure Transducer 2 PicoScope Battery Clip black
1 PicoBNC+ 2000 A (high amps) DC current clamp 4 Flexible Back-pinning Probe red
1  PicoBNC+ 60 A DC (low amps) current clamp 4 Flexible Back-pinning Probe black
2 PicoBNC+ 10:1 Scope probe 4 Shrouded to Unshrouded Adaptor red
1 Ultrasonic parking sensor detector  1 2-pin AMP Connector breakout lead
1 Keyless entry detector 1 ATC/ATO fuse extension lead
1 Back-pinning Probe Set 1 Maxi fuse extension lead
4 PicoBNC+ Premium test leads (4 colours) 1 Mini fuse extension lead
1 USB 3.0 cable (blue) 1.8 m 1 JCASE fuse extension lead
2 Insulated BNC to insulated BNC 2 m 1 2-pin ACS connector breakout lead
2 Insulated BNC to insulated BNC 5 m 1 3-pin Kostal connector breakout lead
2 WPS600C charging cable 2 S-hook
2 Multimeter Probe red 2 Multimeter Probe black

More information on the Diesel diagnostic kit

Nothing compares to the WPS600C

It is not unusual to require a different pressure transducer for each diagnostic test you want to run. The WPS600C eliminates this need by giving you one ultra-high-resolution transducer that can be used for a multitude of hydraulic diagnostics applications. With two pressure ranges and a rechargeable Li-Po battery, all enclosed in a durable housing, the WPS600C is the cost-effective answer to pressure analysis.

When price, performance and versatility matter, nothing compares to the WPS600C Pressure Transducer.

Errors and omissions excepted.

Typical uses

The Engine and hydraulics kit lets you diagnose problems on your equipment relating to either engine or hydraulics. Allowing pressures up to 600 bar to be monitored against time enables you to connect the WPS600C to the relevant hydraulic test port, then view activity and transitions in hydraulic pressure that were never previously visible with conventional gauges.

  • Hydraulic pump performance
  • Hydraulic valve switching activity
  • Hydraulic pressure control valve performance
  • Hydraulic pressure decay
  • Residual hydraulic pressure 

Hydraulic waveform examples and analysis

WPS600C Hydraulic pressure transducer Manuals

Title Language Issue Size Updated All products All languages All documents Status
WPS600C Hydraulic Pressure Transducer User’s Guide English
9 376 KB Oct 31 2017 Pressure sensors English
WPS600 Hydraulic Pressure Transducer Safety Guide English
中文 (简体)
2 901 KB Oct 31 2017 Pressure sensors English
中文 (简体)
Engine and Hydraulics Kit Leaflet English 2 4 MB Jun 10 2019 Pressure sensors English open
Engine and Hydraulics Kit sales sheet DE Deutsch 2 3 MB Apr 18 2019 Pressure sensors Deutsch open
Webtec Flowmeter Pico Datasheet English 1 2 MB Nov 01 2017 Pressure sensors English open
Webtec Flowmeter Pico User’s Guide English 1 1 MB Nov 01 2017 Pressure sensors English open

Customer reviews

2 reviews | Add review

Robert Burgy
WPS600C Hydraulic pressure transducer

Being an automotive instructor, i get the benefit of using tools that would not usually be in an everyday shop. This hydraulic transducer is one of them. the quality of this one is the same as all of the other Pico test accessories. If you have used the WPS500. Then this will be the same. Theres just not enough space to talk about all of the time these save you.

Michael John Eilbracht
WPS600C Hydraulic pressure transducer

The local Community College that I instruct for Part Time got a 4423 Kit from Case New Holland on order and in the kit it comes with two of these Transducers.  Another instructor and me tried it out on a Bulldozer looking at the pressures of the blade going left to right with current clamps on the solenoids.  Wow!  It will show the pressures exactly as the pressure builds and dumps when the solenoids turn on.  This Transducer is on my wish list.  This unit is going to work great for testing pumps and valves.  Can’t wait to get one! Thank you Pico!

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