WPS500X Adaptor kit B (Requires TA212)

The Pico WPS500X Adaptor Kit B adaptor kit enables you to use your WPS500X as a replacement for a gauge in a wide range of aftermarket pressure testing kits (e.g. Sykes–Pickavant, Sealey, Laser and Draper kits). This kit enables you to reuse your existing adaptors and still gain the advantages of seeing pressure activity in real time with the WPS500X.

The kit comes with 2 separate adaptors. The Compression adaptor uses the Pico Standard compression hose (TA212 not included) to connect to your various third party dummy injector, glow plug or spark plug adaptors. The second adaptor is for using the WPS500X to replace the original dial gauge in aftermarket test kits for looking at items like coolant, oil, fuel pressures etc.

The Pico TA250 converts the male Foster 2 series connector on the input of the WPS500X to a male or, in conjunction with the Pico TA212 Standard compression Hose (not included), a female Rectus series 21 coupler.

WPS500X Adaptor Kit B
£92.00 TA250

WPS500X Adaptor kit B (Requires TA212) Manuals

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WPS500X Pressure Transducer User’s Guide english 14 391 KB Apr 07 2022

Accessories for the WPS500X Adaptor kit B (Requires TA212)

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Standard Compression hose


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