Standard Compression hose

The Pico standard compression hose must be used in conjunction with the appropriate adaptor for carrying out Engine Compression tests with the WPS500X.


Adaptors are available for the following spark plug thread sizes


M10 short reach

M10 deep reach

M12 deep reach

M14 short reach

M14 deep reach

M16 for Ford triton style engines

M18 for older engines


Please ensure that the adaptor you select is the same thread size and no longer than the tip of spark plug you are replacing.  While using a shorter adaptor than the spark plug you are replacing may produce results that are slightly low using one that is longer may damage your engine.


The High strength of the standard compression hose is designed to have the minimum possible damping effect on the observed waveform. Using an alternative more flexible hose will significantly degrade the measured waveform.

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