Foam tray for WPS500X and accessories

Foam tray for your WPS500X and all accessories in the PP939 kit, plus 3 pressure taps, 3 optional compression adaptors and a spare compression hose.

In stock. Available for despatch.
£89.00 PA107

Pico tool trays

Foam trays for storing Pico kit in your tool trolley. The trays come in two sizes (depending on function):

  • 1/3rd width at 185 x 390 mm
  • 2/3rd width at 370 x 390 mm

The trays include a removable 20 mm strip so they will fit in 370 mm deep tool drawers. A set of 3 trays measures from 370 x 575 mm to 390 x 555 mm depending on the configuration.

Accessories for the Foam tray for WPS500X and accessories

Product Price Quantity
WPS500X Pressure Transducer Kit (with carry case)
WPS500X Pressure Transducer
WPS500X Adaptor Kit A WPS500X Adaptor Kit A (Requires TA212)
WPS500X Adaptor Kit B WPS500X Adaptor kit B (Requires TA212)
Universal vacuum adaptor
Vacuum hose
PicoScope WPS500X Vacuum tap
Standard Compression hose

Customer reviews

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Robert Burgy
Foam tray for WPS500X and accessories

These kits are a must have for me at a training center.
Students always forget to put items back when they are done.
It is easy to tell when I have these.

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