Optical sensor kit

This kit is a companion to our NVH kits, providing a high-quality optical sensor and magnetic mount for use with our balancing software.

Primarily used for balancing of propshafts (drive shafts), this kit also supports frequency measurement of other rotating items.

When used with PicoDiagnostics balancing software, a simple graphical guide allows you to identify and correct imbalance in a quick and consistent manner.

Available for back order. More stock coming soon.

What’s in the pack?

This kit is a companion to our NVH kits and is for use in conjunction with a PicoScope 4000 Series automotive oscilloscope.

The kit contains:

  • TA260 Cable: insulated BNC to BNC 0.5 m yellow
  • TA186 Optical sensor 3.5 mm jack
  • TA185 Optical interface and battery
  • TA187 Magnetic base for optical sensor
  • TA188 Directional tape measure for propshaft balancing
  • PA100 Carry case for optical sensor kit

Accessories for the Optical sensor kit

Product Price Quantity
Pico NVH Starter diagnostic kit (in carry case)
Pico NVH Starter Diagnostic kit (in foam)
Pico NVH Standard diagnostic kit (in carry case)
Pico NVH Standard Diagnostic kit (in foam)