Auto-solve Diagnostic Assistance

The latest version of Diagnostic Assistance, this PC-based software contains a vast amount of information to help with vehicle diagnostics.

Suitable for Service, Diagnostic and Master Technicians, the software has the following features:

  • Just-in-time learning with explanations of a variety of automotive systems
  • Diagnostic guidance providing test reference information, tips, DTC look-up, pre-test information, failure modes, and 'how to' advice
  • A library of known good PicoScope waveforms and scan tool data
  • Over 600 A4 pages of Information
  • 414 Fundamental Topics
  • 196 Comparative Waveforms
  • Scan tool Datastream Descriptions
  • 1000s of Diagnostic Trouble Code Definitions
  • MasterTech™ Notes Guidance
  • Symptom Diagnosis
  • Test Records and Job Notes

In version 13

  • Now supplied as a handy USB drive
  • 24 new chassis topics
  • Rank your own notes
  • In total 74 new topics and 10 updates
  • New PicoScope files to launch direct from the software
  • On-line members' area to share tips and waveform files

The software is now in three clear sections

Section 1 - Fundamentals. Here you will find technical topics that you can read to improve your core knowledge of how systems work. The pages record when you last opened them last, so you can periodically refresh your knowledge by reading them again!

Section 2 - Guided Fault Finding. You can use this section for in-time learning while actually working on a car. You can select topics to work though by component or symptom. Each topic describes the component / system operation, what may happen in the event it has failed, how to test the component / circuit, example waveforms utilising the PicoScope and testing with other equipment such as a scan tool or multimeter.

Section 3 - Library. This section contains reference waveforms and scan tool screen shots.

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