ACE Misfire Detective

Important: ACE Misfire is not compatible with the PicoScope 4225 or 4425 Automotive scopes.

With ACE Misfire Detective you can instantly identify misfiring cylinders without complicated equipment or diagnostic procedures.

  • Just push a button to identify misfires by cylinder on ALL petrol engines
  • Accurately pinpoint even partial and intermittent misfires
  • Detect if misfires are originating from just one cylinder or multiple cylinders
  • Interactive thumbs up/thumbs down helps determine your next step
  • Easy relative compression testing
  • Easy vacuum/MAP pressure by cylinder testing
  • Easy injector relative pressure testing
  • Quickly print a customised report for your customers

No more guessing

At times even the ECM can’t detect the misfire so relying on scan tool data is not always the solution. Thompson Auto Labs have developed a proven system that cures this headache. No more guessing which cylinder is causing the problem.

PicoDiagnostics is a complete engine health check. With just a simple connection to the battery you can perform a cylinder balance test, detect misfires, carry out a compression test and test batteries, starter motors and alternators. The results are displayed in a bargraph that can easily be understood by both you and your customer.

PicoDiagnostics is a standalone software package that is included with PicoScope Automotive. With PicoDiagnostics you can quickly check the health of most petrol and diesel engines. There’s no complicated procedures — simply connect one channel of your oscilloscope to the battery of the vehicle to be tested, run PicoDiagnostics, select your test and click a button.

Once PicoDiagnostics has completed the test, the results are displayed in a bar graph that makes it easy for anybody to understand. Using the inbuilt report printing feature you can then produce a professional quality report suitable for presenting to customers.

Engine health check. As PicoDiagnostics is so quick and easy to use, it’s worth running on every vehicle that comes through the workshop even if they have no obvious faults, or have just come in for a service or new tyres. The software prints out a report on the condition of the engine which can be given to the customer either confirming a normally running engine or showing that further investigation/work is required.

With PicoDiagnostics you can instantly detect misfires, check cylinder balance, verify  compression, and test batteries, starter motors and alternators. After performing a very quick Engine Health Check, you can print customised reports for your customers

Some ECUs in modern vehicles allow a Cylinder Balance to be performed using your Serial Diagnostic tool. Where this facility is provided, we recommend that you use that first as the setup and calibration will have been optimised for that engine.

How does it work

To find a misfire, just follow these four steps:

  1. Start the ACE Misfire software on your computer.
  2. Select the manufacturer and engine type.
  3. Connect a lead from your Pico lab scope to an ignition reference for number 1 cylinder, and connect another lead to the oxygen sensor of the bank you want to test (or to the FirstLook Sensor in the exhaust).
  4. Click Start. It is that simple!

The ACE software uses the Pico lab scope to sample and display the engine combustion data in real time. ACE displays a diagram of the engine being worked on and flashes cylinders in firing order sequence. Healthy cylinders flash green. Cylinders flashes red when a misfire is detected.

Once ACE has found the misfire you will be notified which cylinder is causing the symptoms. By inputting key information into the software the ACE Misfire Detective will also advise you of the most likely cause of the misfire — fuel system, ignition system or mechanical problem.

Equipment used

ACE uses a Pico automotive scope to identify the high-pressure pulse of the exhaust stroke of a misfiring cylinder driven by the unconsumed oxygen of a misfire. ACE can also sense the high frequency dip in voltage of an oxygen sensor signal when a cylinder partially misfires. By comparing the results to a known database ACE is able to advise you as to what is the most likely cause of the misfire. You can add your own vehicles to the database and updates can also be downloaded from the internet.

You can connect ACE Misfire to a lambda (O2) sensor, however, to make ACE even easier and faster to use, a FirstLook Sensor can be inserted in the exhaust and a sync probe connected to an ignition wire (or an injector). Using ACE with a FirstLook Sensor allows you to identify misfires by cylinder on any petrol vehicle.

ACE Misfire does not require any complicated equipment: a PicoScope automotive oscilloscope and an inductive pick-up is all that is required. (A FirstLook Diagnostic Sensor is also required if you want to test through the exhaust).

Find misfires fast

With ACE Misfire Detective you can save time locating misfires. The ACE Misfire software will effortlessly detect even the slightest misfires no matter how elusive they may be to conventional detection methods.

The ACE Misfire software can also be used as a preventive maintenance tool that can show you when the injectors need to be cleaned and even print a report of before and after results that you can give to your customers.

Download a demo version of ACE Misfire Detective

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