MT03A Milliohm and Motor Tester kit

A complete 3-phase motor winding resistance test in less than one minute!

The MT03A Milliohm & Motor Tester is a revolutionary device capable of changing the way low-resistance testing is performed. The MT03A offers resistance testing of all windings on a 3-phase motor in under a minute, producing highly accurate results that can automatically compensate for temperature using the included sensor.

Designed to meet the needs of technicians and engineers in a wide range of industries, including automotive, off-highway, heavy-duty, industrial, marine, rail, mining, heavy equipment, access machines, and renewable energy, the MT03A is the ultimate low-resistance testing tool. With its earth-bond testing in compliance with UN ECE R100 regulations and a minimum test current of 200 mA, the MT03A has widespread applications, including fuel pumps, air-conditioning motors, regeneration pumps, blower motors, camshaft controls, EGR valves, turbo actuators, and more.

MT03A Milliohm & Motor Tester

This innovative device is also perfect for checking grounds to ECUs, earth straps, starter motor cables, safety grounds, weld contact quality, and earth bond testing. The MT03A features USB connectivity for easy integration with a PC, without needing any external power supply, and comes encased in a durable rubber boot with a hanging bracket for ease of use, while the included S-hook allows for effortless mounting.

The dedicated Windows software application provides a clear user interface that provides simplicity, speed, and complete control over the tester. The highly accurate milliohm values can be automatically temperature-compensated, and the MT03A ensures precision and reliability even in varying temperature conditions. The Kelvin clips are also included to minimize contact resistance effects when connecting the measurement unit to the component under test.

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MT03A Kit
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Resistance measurement range Autoranging up to 2 Ω
Resistance resolution 10 µΩ
Resistance accuracy (typical) ±(0.5% + 100 µΩ)
Temperature resolution 0.2 °C (0.36 °F)
Temperature accuracy (typical) ±0.5 °C (0.9 °F)
Input protection ±30 V
Weight <0.5 kg
Dimensions 190 x 141 x 42 mm
Connection USB (4.5 m USB2 cable supplied
PC requirements Windows 10 or 11 (64-bit application)


Environment Storage Operating Quoted accuracy
Temperature –20 to +60 °C
(–4 to 140 °F)
0 to 40 °C
(32 to 104 °F)
15 to 30 °C
(59 to 86 °F)
Humidity 5 to 95 %RH (non-condensing) 5 to 80 %RH (non-condensing)
Altitude Up to 15 000 m (49 200 ft) Up to 2 000 m (6 560 ft)
Pollution degree 2

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