PicoBNC+ COP and signal probe

The TA398 COP and signal probe from Pico Technology is the easiest and fastest non-intrusive way to check coil-on-plug ignition coils and spark plugs.

  • Find misfires fast
  • Displays scope patterns of the secondary, faster than scoping the primary
  • Can also be used to investigate injectors and other inductive actuators
  • Flexible design allows for easier access to hard-to-reach components
  • No batteries required

Like distributors, spark plug wires are starting to disappear from cars. With the new COP ignition systems the ignition coils are connected directly to the spark plugs — eliminating the need for the spark plug wires. With no high-voltage spark wires, a COP probe is required to be able to pick up the secondary ignition waveform.

Unlike the BNC TA204 COP Probe, the connecting lead is integral to the TA398 BNC+ COP Probe, therefore no TA033 (BNC to BNC lead) is required.

This lead is fitted with a PicoBNC+ interface, allowing it to be recognised by the software for auto-configuration. The lead requires a PicoScope featuring the PicoBNC+ such as the 4225A or 4425A.

TA398 BNC+ COP Probe
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