Premium Test Leads: Set of four color leads 5 m (TA199 - TA202)

You’ve got the best oscilloscope,
now get the best leads

Our premium leads are color-coded so that the color of the lead in the engine bay matches the color of the on-screen waveform in PicoScope Automotive – never again will you waste your time wondering which lead is which.

Our premium leads are fully screened to minimize noise pickup so you can have complete confidence in the signal that you are measuring.

The 5 m leads come with fixed 2.5 m ground extensions and are designed for working on larger vehicles.

  • 5 m long
  • Fully shielded
  • Insulated BNC at scope connection
  • Shrouded/stacking banana plugs
Pico 5m premium test leads
In stock. Available for despatch.
£296.00 PP941