PicoBNC+ Automotive 10:1 attenuating test lead 2.5m

The compact design of the TA506 contains the entire attenuator circuit of a traditional oscilloscope probe, but within a 4 mm connector body. With a fixed x10 attenuation it is intended for high-speed signals like CAN, FlexRay and also for higher voltage signals such as primary ignition.

The TA506 is automatically recognised by PicoScope software when connected to the scope. This accessory is only available for PicoBNC+ and will not work with older PicoScope models.

TA506 10:1 Attenuating picobnc+ test lead
In stock. Available for despatch.
£76.00 TA506


Probe characteristics TA506
Attenuation ratio 10:1
Bandwidth 20 MHz
Rise time (calculated) 17.5 ns
Input resistance 10 MΩ ±2%
Input capacitance 33 pF ±1 pF
Max. working voltage 400 V pk
Total length 2.85 m nominal
Weight 100 g

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