Accessories - Clips and Adaptors

To make the final connection to the circuit you will often require a clip, probe or adaptor.

At Pico we have a wide selection available ranging from the TA008 and TA161/2 back-pinning probes which enable you to access signals through the rear of the wiring loom connectors to several different sizes of croc clips each targeted at different size connectors. While the TA005 and TA006 Dolphin Clips are good general-purpose clips, we find that for battery terminals and large bolts the TA157/8 Battery Clips often provide a more secure grip and for times when a small size is critical the TA089/90 Sprung Hook Probes give a secure connection in the smallest space.

For those occasions where there is no other access we offer the TA007 piercing clips which enable you to make a secure connection though the wire insulation.

Product Price Quantity
Back-pinning Probe Set

Multimeter Probes

Flexible Back-pinning Probe

Large Dolphin/Gator Clips

Small Crocodile/Gator Clips

PicoScope Battery Clip

Piercing Clips - set of two

PicoScope Sprung Hook Probe

Shrouded to Unshrouded Adaptor

TA307 - 4mm to 2mm Thumbnail Shrouded 4 mm to 2 mm jack adaptor

BNC to 4 mm Adaptor

1000V back pinning probe (black)

1000V back pinning probe (red)

USB Type-C to Standard-A (f) adaptor, 0.14 m

Replacement spring probe tips, 5 pack

Replacement rigid probe tips, 5 pack



  • PicoScope is the most simple yet complex tool in my workshop for diagnostic use. It lets you see what you previously had to guess was happening.

    Stephen Pender, Australia
  • Fantastic products and support with unbelievable performance for the money.

    David Callaghan
  • I was very impressed as to the speed and ease of ordering. Not having ordered on the internet before i didn’t struggle at all. The product is excellent.

    Vagtech VW Specialist, Manchester, UK
  • The support I have received from Pico over the years has been superb. The regular software and driver updates are a real bonus.

    Shaun Lovelss

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