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Using NVH to find origin of engine knock, click, and misfire on a Porsche Cayenne V6


"This Porsche Cayenne 3.6 V6 is an older car, but still in nice condition, with the issue of: “engine vibration after morning start”. It's useful to mention here that cold start means 28 or more degrees Celsius, as this is in southeast Asia tropical climate.

From monitoring the misfire count with a diagnostic tester, it became apparent that the cylinder 4 was having misfire counts which were slowly disappearing as the engine warmed up, along with the clicking noise which also almost disappeared. However, the idle was not perfectly smooth even at engine operation temperature. On higher RPM and under the load, there was nothing noticeable at either temperature."

Many thanks to Roman Franta for providing us with this guest case study; you can follow his full diagnostic process here.