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Our New TA511 PicoBNC+ 1400 V Differential Probe



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Pico Technology is delighted to introduce the TA511 PicoBNC+ 1400 V Differential Probe. High voltage systems increasingly feature on everything from passenger cars, trucks, buses and off-highway equipment, where PicoScope is already the system of choice for professionals and manufacturers.

Designed to excel in high and low voltage environments, the TA511 Differential Probe effortlessly manages signals. They can range from EV batteries and inverters to 5V digital communications networks, such as CAN, thereby offering unparalleled versatility for automotive diagnostics.

With the hallmark benefits of PicoBNC+ connectivity, including probe recognition, it connects seamlessly with PicoScope 4425A oscilloscopes, eliminating manual range switching and battery concerns. With up to three probes usable simultaneously, technicians can ensure safety compliance without compromising efficiency. It is now available in an updated PicoScope 4425A EV Diagnostic kit, and as part of the PicoBNC+ 1400 V Differential Probe Kit.

The PicoBNC+ 1400 V Differential Probe joins our Pico Milliohm Tester kit for earth bond testing, as well as our TA466 Pico 2-pole Tester and TA467 Pico Insulation Tester as part of our expanding EV solutions. Supported by EV-specific guided tests, and a Reference Waveform Library integrated into the PicoScope 7 Automotive software, Pico’s EV kits ensure workshops remain at the forefront of EV diagnostics.

You can learn more about our PicoBNC+ 1400 V Differential Probe kit on our website, and get your hands on one today!