Maths is cool - part 11
by Steve Smith

The power of maths certainly adds a new dimension to post-capture analysis, and I’d like to thank you for following this article series.

I want to add in here two other forum posts I like to include when looking at RMS values of AC signals.

While the maths can be challenging, once you have the math channel loaded into your library, it will always be there ready for use.

The first post looks at graphing the RMS voltage of an AC Signal.


To calculate the RMS voltage of a single AC Signal: sqrt(integral((A)^2)/T)

The following .psdata file contains the math channel above:

The second post looks at graphing the RMS current of a 3-phase electric motor under acceleration from rest.

Screenshot from PicoScope 6 Automotive showing the RMS current on the 3-phase motor.

RMS current – 3-phase

To calculate the RMS current, we use the following math channel formula:

The following .psdata file contains the math channel above.

I hope this helps.


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