Focus piece: Breakout leads kits
by Phil Rutt – Pico Technology

Breakout leads kits


At Pico, we work with many different types of vehicles in different markets. Our connection with OEMs, and testing of new systems for software builds, give us great access to new vehicles. Most manufacturers use large breakout boxes, which can be very expensive and time-consuming to connect on the vehicles.

Due to warranty issues on wiring looms, many manufacturers are uncomfortable with back-pinning and may select to use Pico’s specialist breakout leads instead. We have two kits made for use with different vehicles:


These breakout leads have become very popular and are proven to help save you time in waveform capturing. This became extra clear to us recently, when we dramatically reduced our time spent on testing many engine management systems like injectors, camshaft and crankshaft sensors. You can connect via the 4 mm connector for voltage reading or put a current clamp around one of the colour leads. Each lead is numbered for reference so it is easy to list the connection for the sensor. This can be added in the waveform notes for feature reference.

The following image shows a connected current clamp with the breakout lead:

Find our breakout lead kits and other useful accessories on our website.


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