Pico UK Automotive Roadshow 2018

The requirement

In order to meet customers old and new, we attend a variety of shows within the UK (and all over the world) throughout the calendar year. While this interaction is fantastic, we did feel in the UK that particularly with new customers we didn’t have enough time to really explain PicoScope due to the flow of visitors to the exhibition stands.

The solution

To address this in the short-term we wrote our "Oscilloscope Diagnostics, A PicoScope Guide" booklet. Designed for a customer to gather an understanding of who Pico Technology are, along with gaining an overview of our available software and hardware products. The booklet contains far more information than we could offer in the ten minutes we get at an exhibition. While the booklet proved popular it also became apparent we needed to do something more to interact with new users to PicoScope, to help them gather a better understanding of scope diagnostics.

The roadshow

Working closely with our network of UK distributors, and with lots of careful planning our roadshow started to take shape. A tour of 20 venues across the UK and Ireland was decided upon, where each roadshow event would give our customers both theory and more importantly, practical training. Based largely around our Step 1 booklet the course would cover the basics of oscilloscope diagnostics.

Running from late winter through to early summer, these events have encoutered all kinds of weather, we even suffered a complete white out for our first week of roadshows! Even so, customers made it through that kind of weather to learn more about Pico,and proved to us that the decision to hold such events was a good one. Special thanks to all you guys who attended that first week, amazing effort.

Hats off also to all the distributors who have supplied us venues, catering and their time. All were excellent hosts, and did what was required to make these events so successful.

The format of the events was based around a live workshop session, and an interactive presentation for customers to attend. With attendees split into two groups they received nearly three hours of introduction and training, and were encouraged to get hands-on with using PicoScope.

In summary the roadshow has proved a great success with so much positive feedback and most importantly we managed to see 447 customers across our 6 weeks of roadshows, covering;

  • 20 Venues
  • Covered over 4000 miles
  • Visited 17 petrol stations
  • 2 ferry crossings
  • Seven toll roads
  • 23 hotels

We would like to thank all our customers and distributors for making this event so successful. This would not have happened without the support, help and hard work of everyone involved – thank you.