What it does

The Vertical panel provides all the options related to the treatment of the incoming waveform before it is digitised by your PicoScope oscilloscope’s analog-to-digital converter. The options include:

  • The input range
  • The Coupling mode
  • Whether to apply Bandwidth limit
  • Whether to Invert the waveform
  • Zero channel offsets
  • Whether to apply Frequency counting

How it can help you

By bringing together all the settings related to the treatment of your incoming waveforms in one place, you can quickly configure your PicoScope oscilloscope’s input channels without having to navigate your way through multiple controls or layers of submenus.

How to use it

Open the Channel options panel and select the Vertical tab. Then select the range and coupling mode and whether you want to use a bandwidth limit, invert the waveform, zero the channel offsets or apply frequency counting, as required.