User settings

What it does

You can save your preferred set of PicoScope 7 Automotive settings using the User settings feature. You can return the software to your user settings at any time using Reset configuration and, optionally, every time it starts up.

How it can help you

PicoScope 7 Automotive’s factory settings are designed to suit the majority of diagnostic problems you are likely to encounter and, typically, ensure you only need to make minimal adjustments, if any, to see a waveform. However, you may work in an environment or use methods that are better suited to another set of settings. In these cases, you can create and save your own using User settings to make sure that PicoScope 7 Automotive is always attuned to your needs.

How to use it

To save a set of user settings, set the Timebase, Sampling, Trigger and Channel options to your preferred options, click Save to open the Save dialog. Then, using the File type control, select User Default Settings, and click the Save button.

To select your user settings as your preferred set of start-up settings, click on the More... icon to open the More… panel, then click the Settings icon to open the Settings panel. Within the Settings panel, click on the Preferences tab and then, under the Start-up settings section, select User.

To return to your user settings at any time, click on the More... icon to open the More… panel, then click the Reset configuration icon.