An image of The PicoScope 7 Automotive Run control


What it does

PicoScope 7 Automotive's Run control is used to start the scope so that when it is Running it is in a state ready to capture waveforms and when it is Stopped it isn't.

If you start PicoScope running without a compatible device connected the Connect device dialog appears for you to select one.

If you start a PicoBNC+® compatible device running, Probe mismatch will check if the connected probes match the software settings. If not, the Probe mismatch dialog appears for you to fix the probe issues. When the mismatches are dealt with, the device will run.

If you have set a trigger, you will only capture waveforms whilst the scope is running when the trigger conditions are satisfied.

How it can help you

The Run control is the largest single function control within PicoScope. It is set prominently in the top left corner of the PicoScope 7 Automotive window, where it is clearly visible and accessible but set out of the way of the remainder of the window so that you are less likely to inadvertently start or stop the scope running when using a touchscreen PC.

How to use it

If the Run control is displaying Stopped, click to start it running and, if it is displaying Running, click it to stop it.