Waveform library

What it does

The Waveform library holds thousands of waveforms uploaded by the worldwide PicoScope user community for you to use as a reference for your own tests.

How it can help you

Without a source of reference waveforms, a sibling vehicle or suitable prior experience, it can be extremely difficult to know what a waveform should look like for a particular test on a particular vehicle. And the waveforms may also depend on any underlying faults, which creates even more possibilities. The lack of a known reference can be a big problem as you cannot be confident in your diagnostic conclusions if you don’t know what to expect before you capture a waveform. By providing reference waveforms for you to compare against your captured waveforms, the Waveform library gives you the data you need to make confident and sound diagnostic decisions.

How to use it

Before you can access the Waveform library, you must have:

  • Your PC connected to the internet
  • PicoScope 7 Automotive software installed on your PC
  • A PicoScope Automotive oscilloscope connected to your PC
  • Automotive Support Forum user credentials

To access the Waveform library, open the More… panel within the PicoScope 7 Automotive software and click on the Waveform library icon. The Waveform library opens in a new window.

Login to the Waveform library with your Automotive Support Forum user credentials.

Complete the search parameter fields as required and click Search to find the most suitable reference waveform for your needs.

You can use Clear to clear all your search parameters or clear the parameter fields individually if you want to change your search criteria.

Ignition waveform

Ignition waveform captured at 8 bits (black) and 12 bits (blue)