An image showing the PicoScope 7 Automotive Probe mismatch feature

Probe mismatch

What it does

Probe mismatch recognises and warns you when you start a capture and the detected probes do not match those selected in the software settings. Capturing starts when all the correct probes are connected.

When Probe mismatch does not detect a PicoBNC+® probe, the feature suggests a set of alternative probes, giving you the opportunity to correct the mismatch. You can also choose to continue without making corrections.

Probe mismatch is available for all PicoBNC+® compatible PicoScope Automotive oscilloscopes.

How it can help you

When your oscilloscope is not PicoBNC+® compatible, you must always adjust your channel settings to match the probe (and mode) you intend to use. If the connected probe and channel settings are mismatched, your waveforms could be scaled incorrectly and displayed with the wrong units and they will not be useful for fault diagnosis. However, with a PicoBNC+® compatible oscilloscope, Probe mismatch prevents any mismatches so you can trust your waveforms and fault diagnosis.

How to use it

Probe mismatch appears automatically when you have a PicoBNC+® compatible oscilloscope and start a capture in PicoScope 7 Automotive with the incorrect probes connected.

An animation showing how to use the PicoScope 7 Automotive Probe mismatch feature